Sunday, 29 May 2011

Day 29 - divine work

Photo by Michael S. Wright

There are so many thoughts clamoring for attention tonight. Over the past two days, I have spent several hours in a workshop on "Your Divine Work" with some lovely people, facilitated by the awesome T. Thorn Coyle. I have also played with my child, had conversations with my husband, when he wasn't coughing up a lung due to a really bad cold, watched movies, and exercised. Basically, the usual. Life happened, magic happened. I managed to show up as I was, as much as I could. There were moments when I felt that maybe I should be cooler, better, faster, stronger... You get the idea. I noticed and let them go, as much as I could, as soon as I was able. Tonight I would love to write a long, insightful post about purpose, intention, and the paramount importance of daily practice for core development. Instead, all I have is this practice. I showed up because this commitment I made is challenging, yet it tugs at me with persistent passion. I have no clearer an idea of where I am going now, than I had two days ago. However, I have a new spring in my step and I re-member, once again, who I am. Tomorrow, it will be time to tackle tasks on my to do list, and soon it will be time to think about some serious pruning and spring-cleaning in my life. Tonight, it is just time to publish this entry, read some more pages of my book and sleep. Tonight, I notice the thought that I should be 'more' right now. I breathe, let go, and embrace my divine work.

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